Americans have been begging Trump to take action against Hillary for her laundry list of corruption and crime—and they won’t be disappointed this time.


For months we’ve had to sit by and watch the left slander and attack our President. Despite a shocking lack of evidence, the FBI—led by a “special” prosecutor—has conducted an investigation into whether Russia had any part in Trump’s campaign.

This witch hunt has been used by liberals to discredit the election, our leadership, and our very democracy. These spoiled babies have tried to conjure up rumors, simply because they refuse to except the results of the election—still!

But in recent weeks we’ve seen more and more evidence showing Hillary Clinton, the DNC, and Barack Obama were really behind the infamous Russia dossier. This suggests Russian collusion—by the left.

That should result in something kind of repercussions, right? At least that’s what President Trump is demanding.

From Daily Wire:

President Trump on Sunday called for somebody — anybody — to “DO SOMETHING!” about the reports that Hillary Clinton’s campaign was involved in the production of a dossier that contained charges about Trump’s supposed ties to Russia.

In a series of early morning tweets, Trump said:

The Washington Post last week revealed that Clinton’s presidential campaign and the Democratic National Convention (DNC) funded Fusion GPS as they produced the unverified Trump dossier. On Sunday, a new report indicates that former President Barack Obama’s campaign organization might have played a part in financing the project as well, The Daily Wire reported.

So, let’s put this into perspective. Buzzfeed and CNN released a bogus and widely-discredit dossier that suggests Trump was working with Russia. Despite everyone claiming it was fake, the FBI used that as an excuse to open an investigation—excuse me—a witch hunt.

But today, there is overwhelming evidence connecting Clinton and her buddies on the left with colluding with Russia to steal the election. And there has been no word of a single investigation by the FBI?

So I guess it has nothing to do with facts, evidence, or justice, huh? Just whoever has enough power on the left to shield themselves from indictments?

It’s about time things changed in D.C. The American people won’t stand for this kind of treatment much longer.

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