A video footage has been released, showing a Muslim refugee propositioning a girl for sex. When she refuses his advances, he viciously slaps her across her face.

Former President Barack Obama has made it clear that he does not see Islam as a threat. He did not see any dangers in allowing Syrian refugees to come into this country without any adequate background checks and he argues that Muslims are peaceful people, so he has turned a blind eye to the dangers of those who do not.

The actual problem is that many aspects of the Islamic religion are set against women and children and extremists tend to use this as an excuse for disrespecting and assaulting the women.

Islam’s core theology is violent supremacism. That was Mohammad’s creed and that is what makes Islam different than the other big religions.

n essence, Islam believes that non-Muslims are inferior and must be subjugated. Women are inferior and must be subjugated. Everyone else is worthless and can only have value if they are converted to Islam or ruled by Muslims.

Footage like this is disturbing but it cannot be ignored. This is a real threat whether Obama acknowledges it or not.

Watch the video below:

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