Drunk Man Learns The Hard Way Why You Should Never Attack The Police

This story deserves several disclaimers before we even begin:

This video does not take place on the streets in America. According to those who originally uploaded it online, it takes place in Romania.

For those who went to college and majored in Social Justice Awareness or Gender Studies, Romania shares a border with Bulgaria, Moldova, Hungary and Serbia.

This video contains a little bit of violence, and although the image is a little bit blurry, and the action is recorded from behind, we still think it fair to caution any viewers who might be offended.

Finally, this is a video that has an audio warning as well. Around the 30 second mark, the woman that is being described as the intoxicated gentleman’s girlfriend, begins an ear-piercing banshee-like screeching that sounds as if somebody had just tossed her out of an airplane.

She continues this screaming until the end of the video, so if you are watching this at work, the grocery store, or anywhere else where loud blood-curdling screams would not be appreciated, make sure the audio is set to a minimum level.

In the video, uploaded by Live Leak, a reportedly intoxicated man is confronted by a group of police officers, while his girlfriend looks on from nearby.

At around the 20 second mark, the man walks over to one of the police officers, and the officer gently pushes him back and appears to explain to the man that he needs to maintain a certain distance from the officer.

The intoxicated man then approaches the officer a second time, and knees the law enforcement officer in the most sensitive area that you can find on a man.

The officer immediately throws a right-hook and the suspect goes down like a ton of bricks.

The drunk man lies on the ground for several seconds before he starts moving again, and the girlfriend remains where she is, screaming uncontrollably.

The entire incident is caught on camera, and although it takes place on foreign soil, it is more anecdotal evidence that it never seems to end well for people who assault police officers.

You can watch the video below, but again, make sure that the volume is set to low:

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