Asian Diet Plan Can Help You Lose Up to 3 Pounds In 7 Days

Often ladies who want to lose weight ask themselves why the Asians are so thin, and try to explain it by physiology and heredity. In fact, it’s all about their nutrition. What is this slimming cuisine eaten by the Asian people?

Many people are interested in Asian diet, because in the minds of most Europeans the food of the inhabitants of Asia is rich in vegetables, fruit, seafood, and therefore, low-calorie and useful. Most of the principles of this diet do not contradict classical diets.

The problem of excess weight in Europe and America is more urgent than ever. It is enough to go out to make sure – almost every second person, man or woman, suffers from fatness or obesity. At the same time almost every person is slim in Asian countries!

To understand why Asians are so thin, you need to learn more about the features of their nutrition. Asian cuisine is a collective concept. It includes the national food systems of China, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Korea, Malaysia and the Philippines, which have much in common.

All of them are ancient and traditional. Asians pass recipes for cooking dishes from generation to generation, do not like to modify or complement them. They are very conservative in food. Supporters of a healthy lifestyle hastened to rejoice – the Asian cuisine is the best for weight loss and maintaining the body in the best shape.

So, if you want to lose some extra pounds with Asian diet, you can follow the next eating recommendations:

Eat white rice with tofu, chicken broth with broccoli and orange juice for breakfast. Stir chicken with vegetable oil, tofu and white rice, and eat one orange for lunch. Eat boiled pork with mustard greens and a banana for dinner.

But this is not all, you should eat in small portions, eat many vegetables and white rice every day. If you want, you can add any spices you like to your meals, they have stimulating metabolism and fat burning properties.

Asian food is not the only secret to the harmony and youth of the inhabitants of eastern countries. It must also be remembered that they are involved in sports. The conclusion is that the one who wants to reduce weight should follow not only taste preferences, but also their philosophy and attitude to life.

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