WATCH: Mob Of Angry Moms Gives Brutal Justice To Man Who Raped & Killed 8-Year-Old Girl

Mob of angry women surrounding pedophile (Photo: YouTube)

Shocking footage has emerged of a mob of angry moms who delivered some brutal justice to a pedophile who confessed to viciously kidnapping, raping, and killing an 8-year-old girl who he followed away from a wedding ceremony. Watch as this pervert pays a heavy price for the atrocity he committed.

The pedophile seen in the clip has been identified by police as Mithun Hansda. He was reportedly captured by an angry mob at his in-laws’ house on Wednesday, June 28, 2017, shortly before he confessed to kidnapping, raping, and killing an 8-year-old girl who he followed away from a wedding ceremony they were both attending. As the mob of angry moms teaches Hansda about the brutal consequences of victimizing a child, it was all caught on camera in the graphic footage below.

According to The Logical Indian, Hansda told the angry mob where he dumped the 8-year-old girl’s body before they beat him with canes. After the brutal beating, Hansda was reportedly lynched by the angry villagers who evidently were not willing to wait for police to arrive.

The incident took place in Jalwa village in the Dumka district of India. The local newspaper Prabhat Khabar reported that police recovered the body of the 8-year-old victim the following morning along with the body of Hansda, who was a resident of nearby Dundia village and was attending a wedding ceremony where he became drunk before following a group of young girls to nearby bathing pools.

Hansda reportedly captured the 8-year-old victim as the other young girls fled the bathing pools and reported the drunk pedophile to their parents. When the victim’s parents noticed she was not among the group that fled from the bathing pools, the heartbreaking search for her began.

The tribal women beat and lynched Hansda, and some witnesses say his body was still twitching at 7 a.m. the next morning. Police arrived at the village at approximately 8 a.m. to retrieve the two bodies and sent them for autopsies. Upendra Singh, the Police Inspector responsible for the investigation into the horrific incident, confirmed that the pedophile died as a result of the beating and lynching. If pedophiles in America were punished in a similar fashion, perhaps we would see a significant drop in these kinds of crimes against children.

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