I love to watch our fellow patriots take action against the leftist thugs. Liberals are a group of violent, anti-American rioters. They need to be shown how an ADULT takes action.

The leftist terrorist cell, ANTIFA, is still causing chaos. At ANTIFA’s latest riot, a couple of leftist thugs tried to burn a flag, but, fortunately, a biker snuck up behind them and grabbed the flag. Good!

The Left needs to respect our flag. The flag is a symbol of our great country. These ANTIFA thugs need to crawl back to their safe spaces. I cannot stand watching them deface our great nation’s iconic symbol.

Liberals hate America. It is so sad. What happened to them? We are the greatest nation in history; yet, these liberals would rather watch our country deteriorate. I can’t imagine why any American would hate our country. Maybe it is because we hold people accountable for their decisions? Liberals hate accountability.

Unfortunately, after eight years of Obama, we haven’t seen much accountability. Because of Obama’s lax attitudes towards illegal immigration, radical Islam, and rioting, the liberals have been unchained. Our country is now full of anti-American leftist thugs.

At least we have Donald Trump to unite us. We need to bring our country together, and there is no better man than Trump for the job. Trump will make America great again, but the mainstream media will do anything to stop him.

The mainstream media loves to smear our brave president. The media is full of liberal thugs, and they continuously spew hatred at our president. While Trump is commending veterans, the mainstream media is insulting our military.

Because of the mainstream media, globalism has spread throughout our country. We need to put a stop to this globalist nonsense. George Soros and his globalist lackeys are trying to tear down our borders. We cannot allow this to happen.

We need to strengthen our borders. We cannot allow illegal immigrants and drug dealers to simply walk into our country and harm it. There needs to be accountability, and Trump is here to balance the accounts.

Obama and Clinton are forming a “resistance” against Trump. That is good news, patriots, because we know that those two are incapable of doing anything productive. Trump will keep on making our country great again while they complain in the corner. Obama and Clinton both have the media in their pockets. At least we know that the media cannot be trusted. The media doesn’t care about the truth, and they have shown this time and time again. We don’t need to look further than the 2016 presidential election.

The Left and the RINOs will continue to lob attacks at our president, but we will still support our president. We won’t let them get in our heads. We need to remain vigilant, because we cannot allow the liberals to get seats in Congress

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