WАTCH Pickup Truck Trеаts Protеstеrs Likе Spееdbumps [Vidеo]

Protesters assume that regular citizens are nicer than they are. But are they REALLY stupid enough to bet their lives on it?

Answer: Apparently, they are.

It is the one assumption their social bullying absolutely depends upon.

If the OTHER side becomes just as aggressive and obnoxious as they are, that changes the math. And if they have the same disregard for the other side’s life, safety and personal property?

That’s when things get downright ugly.

In some cases, that will translate into armed protesters wading into the swarm of black-clad rioters and cracking some of their juvenile (or, in some cases, tenured) heads.

In other cases, it is simply hitting the gas and trusting in the survival instincts of people dumb enough to congregate on a highway. (You’d think those instincts would be stronger than they were.)

Pedestrians have ZERO legal right to block a roadway. They have ZERO right to detain the motorists. And, with a crowd of people using intimidation tactics in swarming the car, a plausible case could even be made for a motorist acting in self-defense.

So what happens when an immovable crowd meets an impatient pickup truck driver?
See for yourself:

A pickup truck driver wasn’t going to stop for a protest in Durham, and instead went right through.

Watch from two angles below:

Below is another video, showing a much better view of what happened.



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