Migrants Slit Women’s Throat And Killing Her Husband. Do You Support Deport All Immigrants?

Ever since President Trump signed his travel ban, the mainstream media has been fervently opposed to the ban denouncing any real threat Muslim migrants pose to the Western world.

What just happened in Sweden, however, reminds us that an influx of unvetted migrants can beget dangerous and unwanted crisis.

Infowars reported that migrants recently slit a woman’s throat in Sweden so badly that they nearly beheaded her before they stabbed her husband to death. Afterwards, they laughed hysterically about murdering the innocent couple.

Police arrived at the home to find a migrant continually stabbing the husband forcing one of the officers to shoot at the killer.

When they found the woman’s body, they discovered her carotid artery was cut open on both sides of her neck. The victims were parents to young children, and were murdered because they had witnessed another crime.

Four men were arrested for the murder, and all of them are of Middle Eastern or North African origin. They were high on marijuana at the time and showed no remorse for what they had done.

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