College Students Furious Over Release Of Video Showing Their Temper Tantrum (Video)

I would really like to know if these crybabies talk to their parents the way they’re talking to the teachers and staff of these colleges. These parents have gone terribly wrong.

BTW, students learn your history. A lot of today’s whites are also descended from slaves. Irish people were sold and brought here as slaves as well. No one today owes anyone “reparations” for slavery. There is no one alive today who either served as or owned slaves. Get the over it, move on and stop using it as an excuse for your own racism!

They don’t like the way they look when they are faced with their own childish behavior? Well, that’s just too dang bad!

The College Fix: A new video has surfaced of students this past week at Evergreen State College yelling and ranting about everything from “racist white teachers” and “white-ass administrators” to “black power!” during a so-called “meeting” with President George Bridges and other college administrators.
Apparently, the activists are not pleased that this recording made its way to the Internet at large.

One of the demands listed by Evergreen students, and addressed by President Bridges, is that something be done to resolve the “theft” of the video.

“We demand that the video created for Day of Absence and Day of Presence that was stolen by white supremacists and edited to expose and ridicule the students and staff be taken down by the administration by this Friday.”

Next steps:

Based on conversations with the Attorney General’s office, the most likely course of action requires an investigation. We commit to launching an extensive forensic investigation of the theft of this video and to determining who stole it from the student. If that investigation yields a suspect, we will seek criminal charges against the individual in consultation with the Attorney General.

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