A Cincinnati Muslim couple tried to sue Delta airlines on discriminatory charges because a flight attendant put the safety of passengers and the crew above all else.

The flight attendant on the Delta airline flight felt “uncomfortable” when the Ohio Muslim couple were chanting “Allah” and “hiding” the cellphones they were texting on, so she had the captain remove them from the plane.

The couple seemed to be sweating excessively, as the flight attendant remarked, but the couple blamed it on the fact that there was a long wait on the tarmac. However, none of the other passengers were experiencing the same sweating issue.

“I was scared because it looked like some random guy was taking pictures of our passports on his personal phone,” claimed Nazia Ali after she and her husband, Faisal, were escorted off the plane because of their actions.

The video shows that the flight attendant was calm, professional, and polite to them, but the Muslim woman took offense and asked if they were being removed for discriminatory reasons rather than for “safety” reasons.

Although the outgoing President Obama uses the phrase “if you see something, say something,” he obviously doesn’t mean it. The flight attendant followed this procedure, but liberals attacked Delta for this incident mercilessly.

Liberals are hypocrites, and it seems they always will be. When someone actually listens to Obama and reports suspicious activity, such as someone chanting “Allah” on a PLANE, the liberals go ahead and stamp the word “racist” on your head.

This fear of being attacked and called a racist, a bigot, or whatever else is why there have been so many attacks recently. People would rather look the other way and ignore a potential crime because of the angry liberal mob that will attack them if they are wrong.

I applaud this flight attendant who had the courage to stand up and escort these people off the plane. If these two had been planning something, as their suspicious behavior suggested, then the people aboard that airline could have died.

She was acting within not just her rights but her responsibility as a flight attendant. The Muslim couple should have known better and that any type of suspicious or disruptive behavior will get you removed from a plane. You’re in a tiny cabin with other people, with nowhere to go but down, whether that means safely landing or crashing horrifically.

If liberals want to be trapped in a small bit of square feet with a terrorist, then they can go ahead and stay quiet, but as for the rest of us who want to go home to our families, we say escort anyone off the plane who engages in suspicious behavior!

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