BAD News For Obama After What His THUGGISH Daughter Just Did To White House Correspondent

Barack and Michelle Obama’s eldest daughter Malia has been enjoying a “gap” year before the privileged little girl decides to get serious about going to Harvard, where she was accepted. She’s been hitting the clubs across the country living the party life, that just caught up to her in a big way after she was busted last night. Now her parents can’t ignore the issues which a White House correspondent happened to catch on camera.

White House correspondent for the Gateway Pundit, Lucian Wintrich, happened to also be in the Big Apple for the weekend and was invited to meet up with friends at a 21-and-over club. While Wintrich and pal Martina Markota were enjoying their evening, they noticed former First Daughter Malia Obama sitting right next to them. Seconds later, things got really ugly with supposedly “sweet” Malia was caught doing what daddy taught her.

Despite the fact that minor Malia shouldn’t have been in the adult club in the first place, entitlement and privilege grants her an all access pass into any place she wants. Malia turned and saw conservative Wintrich nearby and began shouting at the correspondent. Wintrich was under the impression that Malia was intoxicated at the point of altercation.

“Wintrich attempted to snap a picture of Malia before she ran up to him furious,” the Gateway Pundit reports. “She asked Wintrich to confirm who he was before accosting him and saying: ‘If you wanna have a conversation, let’s sit down, let’s have a real conversation’.” He respectfully accepted her offer inviting her to take a seat when it was really an altercation that she was after as she declined by saying,  “I think you’re disgusting.”

Seeing how she was about to go to brawls since you can take the thug out of the White House, but you can’t take the thug out off the girl, the Secret Service that surrounded her quickly escorted her away from the situation. Wintrich immediately snapped a picture as she was being pulled away which only caught her shoulder.

Management of the club demanded that the conservative correspondent delete all pictures he captured of Malia from his social media accounts, threatening that he’d be banned from the club if he didn’t. Wintrich didn’t back down to their bullying and accepted the fate for posting the pictures, which included he and his friends being kicked out of the club.

If Malia is going to be in an adult club and act like an adult, she should have to accept the adult consequences of making a fool of herself in public. Her parents raised her to be a brat and now the bad news for them is that her behavior is only getting worse the older she gets. It has to be pretty embarrassing for them that she’s blowing their cover as a “perfect family.”

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